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March 10, 2014

Spring time in Township government is associated with the annual town meeting, held the 2nd Tuesday of April at townships throughout Illinois. Our agenda is lite this year as no electors presented any agenda items. At the annual meeting, the annual supervisor’s financial report will be give, which is a summary of our annual audit. The statement will reflect the time period from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

We are starting the process of formulating the annual budget for 14/15. We are excited for some new changes coming to the GA program and looking forward to seeing what programs we can fund. Are client stream continues to be steady and we have provided a slight increase in emergency assistance over the last few months.

We have started the process of contracting our services to other smaller townships in Champaign County. The City of Champaign Township is well versed in providing GA and EA and the associated laws and regulations that must be followed. Many smaller townships provide assistance so infrequently that it benefits them to contract the service out. This not only helps the township that is contracting out with an assurance that the law is being followed, but it also helps the potential clients to get quick action and response our their applications. In addition, it adds a small revenue stream to the City of Champaign Township for providing the service.

As we get closer to the annual meeting on April 8th, I’ll post some information to the electors as to the process that takes place at the annual meeting. Until then, please remember we are on Twitter (@cctownship) and Facebook (City of Champaign Township). We use social media to keep residents and followers up to date with day to day activity. Lastly, here is a link to WDWS in which I was on the morning show taking about what is happening at the City of Champaign Township. http://www.wdws.com/audio/2014-03-06/city-champaign-township-supervisor-andy-quarnstrom-362014.html


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