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About CU@Work

The City of Champaign Township and C-U at Home, in cooperation with the City of Champaign, have recently started a new program named CU@Work. CU@Work puts homeless individuals and panhandlers to work in the City doing beautification projects. The one-year pilot program currently goes out Wednesday mornings for 4 hours and pays individuals $10/hour. Participants get lunch afterward and have the opportunity to receive case management services, as needed.

Asked about the program recently, Township Supervisor Quarnstrom noted, “This is a game changer for the homeless in our community. It provides them with resources, purpose, and dignity, and allows them the opportunity to better themselves and the City of Champaign.” Rob Dalhaus III, Executive Director of C-U at Home, noted, “This program provides our friends on the street an opportunity to not only earn money, but gain dignity and help break the negative stigma that comes with living on the street. This is the main objective, this is how you break stereotypes, this is a tangible way our friends can have a positive impact in our community.”

The program is funded by the City of Champaign Township and operated in cooperation with the Township, C-U at Home, and with equipment donated by the City of Champaign Neighborhood Services Department.

For more information contact the City of Champaign Township Surpervisor, Kyle Patterson
Email: Kyle.patterson@champaignil.gov
Phone: 217-403-6121